Morbridge on the Horizon

Extracts from ‘A Traders Tongue’, a collection of tales from merchants and traders across San’roric:-

A merchant traveling the kings road

I once remember a tale of a group of people crashing one of those land ships on the Talea plains from Valgate, can you imagine that? nothing but a deserterlt land from the feet to the horizon and they manged to crash in to the only piece of rock between Valgate and Morbridge. Some folks say they where attacked by a giant land shark, I call Gulfars breath on that, I reckon it was just a drunk captain, and an incompetent crew.

A Band of gnomes


Extracts from ‘The Slanted Shelves ledger’, A Morbridge Inns ledge book:-

Day Price Name Room Notes
5th Mir Of Sirlar 2cp Alunys Milner 5 A monk of the sea, so covered in sand?
5th Mir Of Sirlar 2cp Himo Liadon 6 Looks quick with a knife best keep my back to the wall
5th Mir Of Sirlar 2cp Solitude 7 A man of Trithereon, what more to say?
5th Mir Of Sirlar 2cp Jhon 8 Looks more feral than man



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