If you were to look north from the South Parq Sea you would not see the North Parq Sea. This is because the denizens of Parq are not completely geographically inept they simply consider themselves the most advanced academic minds in the world and therefore refuse to admit that the famous Parqi explorer Bloody Stupid Johnson, who discovered half the know world and all of the unknown world that only exists in the head of Bloody Stupid Johnson, could possibly make the simple mistake of getting north and south confused and therefore the rest of the world must be wrong. This has advanced the field of pseudo-geography by several centuries. You would instead see My home the Sto Heit Mountains. I was raised in this woodland and in turn I raised the woodland, any wounds the woods suffer I feel the pain, I feel the rage. And my home is burning at the hands of civilization. My name is Jhon.

My mother was the witch of these woods My father i never knew. When I was 6 my mother died I was left so confused I wondered for days before I stumbled upon a young wolf suckling at the teats of its dying mother. I recognized the symptoms My mother had told me all about the ailments of various forest animals, the bloated belly, the damp smell mixed with feces, the lack of appetite (the cubs had brought small game to her) this was rot gut, i touched her head to sooth her. AAAARH My gut was on fire i could feel it moving inside me creeping up to my lungs, I jerked away breathing heavily I had to help her. I spent the next day searching for wither root and fairy glow, Mixed with turpentine in water and fed to the wolf should cure her, all i could do now was wait.

The years went by I learned to live with the land only taking what I need and I give everything I could. Then one day when I was 15 I was tending for an eagle with a broken wing when it struck me in the gut mortally wounding me. In My waining consciousness I could feel the mind of every living thing in the woods, they were being sheltered by a massive ancient mind, I could feel its thoughts, thoughts which span centuries and I could feel its pain as its flesh was being chipped away. When I came to I was being tended to by an unknown elven man, when he saw Me watching him he stood up and left.

Once again I started living with the woods always searching for the ancient lumbering mind. I learned to reach out and touch the minds of the animals around Me, I wasn’t controlling them I was simply suggesting that what I was telling it was preferable to what it was thinking. Whenever i came back i could feel the paws, i could feel my fangs. One day i tried to pick up my pack, a claw ripped it open, I panicked. Running wildly i charged through the woods jumping logs swimming in streams prowling with the Pack, until i attacked the wrong pray. The bear knocked me aside with one swipe of his paw rendering me unconscious, as i dreamed i could feel the mind again slow ancient and smaller, had i grown? No not that much so it had shrunk . What animal got smaller as time passed? i slept.

When i woke i had returned to my human self my energy drained, i waited and thought and thought. Then it occurred to me my mother had always said the woods were alive, could she be right? i reached out and touched the mind Bracing myself for the pain. It was as bad as i has expected but i endured i waited and i learned, i learned what i am, like my mother before me i am the druid of these woods my father was an elf who fell in love with my mother, the pain was humans cutting down the forest, i roared and charged and charged and charged by the time i had reached the edge of the woods i had long since ran out of energy and i had ran out of anger but we remembered the pain, dozens of humans fell beneath my claws before they drove me back.

We are the Woods and anyone who threatens us will burn.


Talimar Bathtap