Organ Grinder

- solitude, himo and jhon wake up with himo and jhon in cells, and solitude bound to table.

-they all free each other and get out of the room

-they go down the corridoor and hear a person coming down the corridoor, they retreat back in to the room they woke up in, and beat the man to unconiusness, they then get him to give them directions out,

they go through a room with death dogs, two headed dogs

they kill the man and eat him, they then attack everyone.

dogs killed they hear noise and retreat back down the corridor to the store room, where after a while to men break the door down with axes,

jhon starts playing the bag pipes to tuaght the men, they run straight in and attack him,
leaving them open to sneak attack from solitude and himo behind the door

after kill the men, they leave through the death dog room, through a store room that appears to have human viles of blood and other human organs in. they find there weapons in the last room and high tail it out of there



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