As our (noble?) heroes continue their exploration of the abandoned mine, in search of riches, fame and more realistically the Grick tongues they were tasked to get, they hear a high pitched screeching. As they peered out past the glow of their torch they see a figure surrounded in a clock of darkness charging headlong towards them, expecting the worst the party ready themselves.
30ft “Hold on something is off here”
20ft “It’s a man”
10ft “Then what is that black cloud”
The stranger made a dive for the light and the bats scared of the fire formed a moving wall of pure evil around our heroes

bear on floor

hoptroff hide in walls

ethan sat on floor, then ran in the walls

Hiding in grick corse (Solitude)

bats go away

floor cover in shit

felt movement under feet

bath now rats

gaint centerpeda (under floor, but they don’ emerge yet)

go down tunnel, find grick nest, 3 gricks

run back to choke point tunnel, kill all 3 grick

continue through tunnels, find 2 more grick, kill them.

find knight waiting, trys to persuade them to give the tougues over, they refuse

go to vik in bar, find out knight is not in party, he runs away, bath attacks vik, gets wreck, bath goes away, vik gives them money




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