Alunys Milner

Lawful Neutral Human Monk


Strength:11 ( + 0)
Dexterity:16 ( + 3)
Constitution:11 ( + 0)
Intelligence:11 ( + 0)
Wisdom:16 ( + 3)
Charisma:12 ( + 1)

Armor Class:16

Unarmed Strike|+ 5 To Hit| 1D4 + 3
Quarterstaff|+ 5 To Hit| 1D6 + 3



Personality Traits:
My friends know they can rely on me, no matter what.

Fairness. We all do the work, so we all share in the rewards.

The ship is most important—crewmates and captains come and go.

My pride will probably lead to my destruction.

Alunys first memory was the lapping of the waves against the wood of the ship, and the feeling of sea spray on her face. She was born on the caravel The Northeastern Mark, her parents being traders from the city of Ocral. She was quick to gain her sea legs; she only fell in the sea a few times. The first few years was spent visiting a myriad of cities in the federation, her eyes widened at each cities spectacularly different views.

Around her fifth birthday her parent’s ship was attacked by a band of pirates. Her parents and the crew started to fight them off but it become obvious quickly that they wouldn’t beat them. There salvation came when a huge ship lumbered around the coast and set course for the ships engaged in combat. Men from the colossal ship swung down and ceased combat between the pirates and Alunys parents. The ship was revealed to be the monastery ship of the order of Valkur, The captain of the waves. The pirates where disarmed and sent on their way, as the teachings of Valkur told them to. Alunys parents where so thankful and tried to think of what to give the monks in repayment for their lives being spared. Their eyes fell to their daughter, who without the monks help would be dead or worse. They decided that maybe a life at sea was too dangerous for her. They entrusted Alunys to the monks care and teaching, knowing it would mean a better and safer life for her.

She was quickly indoctrinated into the teachings of Valkur. She was taught how to navigate, sail and how, if necessary, to fight naval combat. On top of this academic and spiritual teachings she was trained how to fight. The swift unarmed strikes, coupled with acrobatics, were the key staple of the combat. But along with this was the principal of Ki, the magic that suffuses the multiverse, but more specifically, the Ki flowing through living bodies. This Ki is used to create magical effects and exceed their body’s physical capabilities, and also to hinder the flow of Ki in her oppenents. The years passed in a blur of training, spiritualism and sailing.

Eighteen years after she stepped onto the Monastery ship, she stepped off onto the docks in the city off Kamirth. Her mentor, Marster Tarmikos, his hand placed on her shoulder turned her around. You have trained hard Alunys and have earned the right to explore the world and spread the teachings of Valkur. I leave you with this, the symbol or our order. He passed her a small bottle which had a model of a ship inside. Go now, live your life, but remember your home is at sea, and you always have a home on our ship.

Alunys Milner

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