Morbridge on the Horizon

Extracts from ‘A Traders Tongue’, a collection of tales from merchants and traders across San’roric:-

A merchant traveling the kings road

I once remember a tale of a group of people crashing one of those land ships on the Talea plains from Valgate, can you imagine that? nothing but a deserterlt land from the feet to the horizon and they manged to crash in to the only piece of rock between Valgate and Morbridge. Some folks say they where attacked by a giant land shark, I call Gulfars breath on that, I reckon it was just a drunk captain, and an incompetent crew.

A Band of gnomes


Extracts from ‘The Slanted Shelves ledger’, A Morbridge Inns ledge book:-

Day Price Name Room Notes
5th Mir Of Sirlar 2cp Alunys Milner 5 A monk of the sea, so covered in sand?
5th Mir Of Sirlar 2cp Himo Liadon 6 Looks quick with a knife best keep my back to the wall
5th Mir Of Sirlar 2cp Solitude 7 A man of Trithereon, what more to say?
5th Mir Of Sirlar 2cp Jhon 8 Looks more feral than man
Cruise Along The Tundra
Cruise Along The Tundra

Extracts from ‘Talimar under the broken sky’, a book on the exploits and travels of a Mark Lilcove:-
At my time in the great Crimson library’s of the City of Ten Kings, I came across the most perpendicular ships log, hidden under many books and with decades of dust, I dread to think the journey this book must of undertaken to get here judging from its state. Nonetheless, the pages within are quite worth reading. Below I will transcribe one of the entries:

Date: Year of 996, in the Month of Oghma, on the 4th Neldë
Captian: Vola The Iron Backed
Location: Valgate
We’ve picked up some travels in Valgate who want passage to Morbridge, normally I would turn them down, but they offered a price I could not turn down, besides I will make them work their way across the dry sea. Kaa has his doubts, he thinks they will only get in the way and that they wouldn’t know a Ravens Noose from the Iron Wood, nonetheless Gant weighed in with, “if it gets really bad we can just lock them in the hold”. A Paladin is also joining us from the local church, now with this I had little choice in the matter thanks to the authorities leaning on my pretty heavily. We set sail with a full cargo of ore at dawn.

Date: Year of 996, in the Month of Oghma, on the 4th Canta
Captian: Vola The Iron Backed
Location: 1 day out from Valgate on the dry sea
Little to report, the passengers appear to be capable of at least simple tasks, one even seems to know his knots better than Chipper, much to his annoyance.

Date: Year of 996, in the Month of Oghma, on the 4th Lempë
Captian: Vola The Iron Backed
Location: 2 days out from Valgate on the dry sea in an abandoned temple complex
Truly Tiemal and Lesaura have played the a powerful hand of fate, however for now my crew or that which remains stay clear of Verack’s paths.
At around noon, a land shark attacked my ship, the beast was monstrous in size, I estimate it to around 120ft, Gant says it must have been hundreds of years old, maybe even more. We took to covering it in jenna oil, as well mounting an assault with the fore and aft ballistae. Turned out our passengers where of use after all, they sure must have some battle blood in them. Mad was out of control as always, as soon as it hit he went in to a rage and jumped for the beast. Eventually we covered it in enough jenna oil, so we let the flames engulf it, with that the beast burrowed back underground.
However our ordeal was yet over, with the land shark tearing in to the ship, we had veered off course, straight towards an abandoned village, moments later the ship smashed into said village, tearing the ship apart as it skidded across the ground. While I work out who of my crew has survived, I send the passengers off to search the ruins and make shelter.
What happens next comes from Mads perception, as I sent him off with them.
“Vola sends me off with travelers we picked up, meh, I guess baby siting duty is better than unloading that death trap of a ship. As I follow Himo in to the temple complex, we joining Solitude and Jhon standing on benches talking about cubes of goo that burnt there skin off; judging from the puddles on the ground I’d say that problem had an easy fix. On with the site seeing, next we enter a cob web covered room, as jhon enters 2 spiders drop from the ceiling, dripping venom. Again a simple fix can be applied here, sharp steal, luckly many legs means many places to grab and cut, I jump up and drag with spider down from its nest, teaching it the meaning of pain on its trip down to the floor. By the time I’ve finished making sure the spider won’t be spinning any more webs, the others has killed the other spider.
As Jhon sets foot in to the next room, frost licks up around his foot, although from his look, I think he has seen through tougher winters. At a closer look, the whole room is covered in a brown mold, I smell witch craft, best to leave this alone, clearly Jhon did not have this lesson from his village eldar. He drops a torch on to the ice cold mold, within a heart beat the mold grows over the torch and expands out over the room extinguishing the fire; yup definitely evil witch craft in play here, best not to tempt Verack.
In the next room we find skeletons littering the floor, from the looks of it, it looks like they all died trying to kill one person, must have been quite the warrior, in their hand is a bloody sword still dripping blood, yet more witch craft. At the end of this room is a tall room with a large crystal atop an obelisk. On inspection by our carefree passengers, a lever on the wall pulled us towards the ceiling for a painful embrace, Jhon takes the form of the spiders we saw earlier, and takes the crystal,

Hobs and Knobs
Hobs and Knobs

The day had only just begun and my companions had already insisted on going to the very top levels of this city of dust and rock, the mage lives up there so I could not follow. Even though I wouldn’t have wished to because it suits me fine here with Krogg I think I could have helped if I was there for information gathering…

I reread my paragraphs and come across new threads I seem to have lost a hold of, the mage, I speak of him so easily and yet haven’t made recompense or any attempt to, I wonder if I should just visit his shop and take whatever beration that should be handed to me? At the very least I need to return his scroll.

Himo and our new Gnome friend have gone to the docks to try and find a way out of the city and how much that way out would cost I spend the time they were gone wondering how much it’d be, our gold supplies continue to be not nearly enough so lets hope the massive cost of 25g doesn’t cripple us.

I saw Alunys pop back into the Inn and walk out with a bottle of wine and a smile on her face and I had no idea what was with her at that point, she told when she was back that she’d made a deal with the captain( Vola the Iron Backed) and got herself a bit of a deal on her journey costs, maybe I can do the same if I bring some ale?

Our bear spent his time wandering around the dock, he spooled an absolutely insane amount of numbers and measurements on how much of his wood was in this dock though I think that maybe even he didn’t understand what he was saying.

Note:Vik came in two days before and told us to ‘relinquish a shipment from the Dunmathoin Diggers

Me and Piandao spent a few hours visiting one of the hold outs of the Dumathoin Diggers, in a doorknob shop, hoping to determine what would be in the cart, we managed to squeeze our way in with frankly no trouble at all despite not being even Dwarves let alone wearing their uniform. I think my ability to think and plan ahead helped us; Piandaos incredible senses certainly made the task much easier. His attempt to gain entry was a bit haphazard however, I think he ended up asking if they sold sugar?

We started with scouting the area they would be going along and determining based on all the intel we had of what would be used to move the cart and who would be guarding if it would be guarded at all. We thought it was just coins which they were making in the hide out, we were wrong.

Our plan was to get our resident druid to stop the horses or whatever was pulling, me to walk out and demand to see the goods and the others to be spread around for the ambush. This all went wrong when we saw them.

This humongous warlord and his lackeys stood guard of the carriage which held our prize, a mighty jawed beast, like Asik’th but only more brutal and vile, I have never seen nor heard anything like it or its master.

They came, but the beast didn’t stop until I stood directly in front of it, I know not why, maybe its immune to the twitterings of a bird in its ear. Alunys said she didnt see or hear Jhon speak in any tongue, I’ll have to confront on this later, I managed to stop the creature I confronted the master but our plan had failed he simple demanded we move aside then Jhon charged out! Hands and mouth all in motion the moon shone from the sky with such intensity and the battle begun.

We slogged and smashed away these creatures taking heavy hits left and right, Our master monk decided to do an incredibly clever thing and blast what we believed to be the main threat off the side of the cliff edge and saved us for a short time until he clambered up. The warlord himself hit me with such strength it was unreal how much force was behind it, i was buffeted to one knee with one blow. I sensed my friends dashing around me, I heard blows of thunder and arrows streaking through the arrow while I struggled on to keep this creature off of them. I looked over my shield to see I had not even scratched it when Alunys and Jhon came charging, flurrying him with staffs and hands, I have never been more proud of them and I have never been more happy to have ran into them in that little bar.

They struck and crushed his armor while I took his blows on my shield and armor, Mine didn’t buckle, I’m glad Tritherion gave me strength and he gave me the strength to end this barbarians chances, I slashed forth my blade engorged with light, his arm fell and shortly after so did he, his companions already littering the path around him.

We decided to exit the scene before the guards appeared on the scene, I ran ahead to prepare the way and help Krogg get our captive, the book keeper and accountant of the Dunmathoin diggers, in a back way so as not to alert too much attention but that didn’t work as we ran straight into a beast and it’s savage looking rider.

Needless to say we crushed him but we decided that we should wait it out in a nearby inn before we returned to our base of operations, I however had a plan.

I ran back to the scene of our ‘relinquishment’ because I remembered that blade the warlord had as I felt my wounds in the skirmish with just one of them and decided I wanted to grab it. So I walked back keeping my eyes peeled all the while when a certain little monk ran into my back, she obviously wanted to look after me and I’m glad she came.

We heard noises of screeching and saw a bird overhead but little did we know what it was doing there until later. We grabbed things from the guards of our treasure, potions, horns and blades. We decided to make a valiant leap down a few levels in Valgate when a couple of riders of the beasts fired at us with bows.

This vast magical EAGLE is what I can only assume it was grabbed us in its talons as we glided, we tried to free ourselves from its grasp but it did a high dive and flicked us off with a rapid decreases in speed into a shop. Alunys pulled out some magical space patches she had and chucked them to the floor, potions, scrolls and puffs of smoke appeared. We charged again over the horizon into the talons of the giant winged creature, it did hurt a little because those talons sure were sharp.

It rose and fell like a leaf in the wind, shaking us any which way, we held on for dear life. Alunys mustered up the courage to try and cry up its feathery leg as it made an incredible maneuver to try and shake us off, she got half way up its leg before we looked each other in the eyes and decided enough is enough, while the bird was close to the ground we hopped off and managed to set it free from its masters bonds with a ‘scroll of suggestion’. We jumped once again over the precipice as arrows dashed past us and we made our way back to our home inn where our friends met us after a safe time.

We traded our ‘merchandise’ for money and the possibility of more wages in the future.

I found a missive in my palm passed to me by a bird of friendly and delightful colour that asked me to come and see my naturist friend. Walking in I saw only an anxious look and a calm wolf as Asik’th took his normal place by the pool and the Dryad stared deep into my eyes.

I noticed only a few words in her sentences as I struggled to concentrate after she gestured to my tree and said it was ill , ‘corruption’, take it to elves she muttered in her dulcet tones, I could only nod along as I saw a darkened black band around it’s trunk, I knew this was my fault, and I will NOT stop until I have saved this tree for it is my doing.

Divine Retribution

A week and bit of laying low after the adventure’s assassination, they are given another target to deal with, “Furgil De”.
Told that they will find him in a church, Himo Liadon and Solitude set about scouting out the area. Mean while jhon and their new found friend set about leading a bar full of dwarfs in to a drunken night they will not be forgetting quickly.

Finding the church is partially abandoned, they explore to find that there is a hole in the ceiling leading to small room, from seeing this they hatch a plan to snatch Furgil De up in to the hole, and quickly kill him with numbers.

jhon and their new friend, still recovering from last nights heavy session of drinking, sneak along in the morning to find help their friends spring the trap, and they all wait up in the hole in the ceiling. After a few hours in come Furgil De with a concession following him, they wait for him to start, before springing there trap, in an attempt to make it appear like the intervention of a divine being, they create a holy syblom in the air, followed by a fog cloud, jhon transforms in to an dire wolf, and leaps down the hole at Furgil De, the rest of the party then pull the 2 back up in to the hole.

With Furgil De now held down by a huge dire wolf, he call upon his god to protect him against these hostiles invading his church, divine figure appears in the middle of the room and strikes the wolf, with a war hammer of spectral light.

Organ Grinder

- solitude, himo and jhon wake up with himo and jhon in cells, and solitude bound to table.

-they all free each other and get out of the room

-they go down the corridoor and hear a person coming down the corridoor, they retreat back in to the room they woke up in, and beat the man to unconiusness, they then get him to give them directions out,

they go through a room with death dogs, two headed dogs

they kill the man and eat him, they then attack everyone.

dogs killed they hear noise and retreat back down the corridor to the store room, where after a while to men break the door down with axes,

jhon starts playing the bag pipes to tuaght the men, they run straight in and attack him,
leaving them open to sneak attack from solitude and himo behind the door

after kill the men, they leave through the death dog room, through a store room that appears to have human viles of blood and other human organs in. they find there weapons in the last room and high tail it out of there

Siege of the mage

Introducing 2 new characters to our story, Thok and ~

  • Solitude meets Thok arm wresting in the bar
  • Thok wants to crush skulls, Solitude says he should rob a mage shop
  • find Piandao, and with him hire local thugs (about 40)
  • run in to the shop
  • armor comes to life
  • wizard fires balls like 8 guys
  • reinforcements come
  • wizard feezes like 10 guys
  • wizard teleports and shit
  • thok throws armor in to another armor
  • wizard teleports away
  • throws vile on floor smoke rushes out and in to the ground
  • Thok and Piandao loot, find large heart vile that heals and gives advantage
  • demon spawns kills every thug left, like ripping there spine out and nasty shit
  • Thok and Piandao find shit tons of poitions and a book
  • They start chain drinking poitions, gain insane armor strengh holy auras , flying, shit like that
  • demon uses power word stun on Piandao
  • they deal massive damage
  • Thok ripes demons arms off
  • demon blood burns everything down
  • explosions go everywhere
  • magic shit blowing up, Thok and Piandao run away
  • Thok and Piandao where gods for 5 minutes, but can tell no one

As our (noble?) heroes continue their exploration of the abandoned mine, in search of riches, fame and more realistically the Grick tongues they were tasked to get, they hear a high pitched screeching. As they peered out past the glow of their torch they see a figure surrounded in a clock of darkness charging headlong towards them, expecting the worst the party ready themselves.
30ft “Hold on something is off here”
20ft “It’s a man”
10ft “Then what is that black cloud”
The stranger made a dive for the light and the bats scared of the fire formed a moving wall of pure evil around our heroes

bear on floor

hoptroff hide in walls

ethan sat on floor, then ran in the walls

Hiding in grick corse (Solitude)

bats go away

floor cover in shit

felt movement under feet

bath now rats

gaint centerpeda (under floor, but they don’ emerge yet)

go down tunnel, find grick nest, 3 gricks

run back to choke point tunnel, kill all 3 grick

continue through tunnels, find 2 more grick, kill them.

find knight waiting, trys to persuade them to give the tougues over, they refuse

go to vik in bar, find out knight is not in party, he runs away, bath attacks vik, gets wreck, bath goes away, vik gives them money


A Monk, Rogue and Ranger walk in to a fight
In the beginning

Our first session.

Our 3 adventures (Alunys Miler, Solitude and Himo) meet in a fight pit in the lower levels of Valgate, while watching a fight between Rod and No-name.
With the crowd baying for blood and expecting there favored fighter to make short work of this new comer. Much to there dismay after being beaten back in to a corner, No-name, tips the fight with a deciding blow to Rods eye, quickly making short work of his opponent No-name steps forward as the winner of the dual.

The crowd wanting blood and just seeing there prized fighter fall, are ready to fight at the drop of a hat.

Our adventures chose this as the wrong time to upset the locals. Falling prey to a ambush as they leave to fit pit, they experience there first taste of combat, not that it shows, they make short work of the mob.
Seeing this good fighting skill the pit boss offers them a chance at fighting fame.

Our adventures decide to sleep on this, finding beds for the night in a inn known as “Rumbling Walls”.

Come morning our adventures are in a shopping mood, after a filling breakfast they head off to the main market in Valgate. After some time looking round they find a magic shop, our monk buys some enhancements for her weapon, our ranger not content with the time honored tradition of goods in exchange for money, decides to steal some scrolls, things are looking like he might get away with it, until he steps out of the threshold of the shop, sounding an alarm. Realizing this will go south quick the monk and rogue have beat a hasty retreat. The ranger now runs for his life. Climbing on to the roofs of the market in the hopes of hiding, however as any good wizard should, he quickly leaps In to the air and gives chase, the ranger realising he must get to the lower levels of Valgate attempts to dive into a sewage pipe to make his escape. After landing badly and flying out the other end only a few floors down, he quickly manages to scramble down the last few levels and hid out in a dumpster till he deemed it safe to leave.

With his harrowing escape complete Solitude, being battered and bloody from his encounter with the sewage pipe attempts to seek out an apothecary. He manages to find one who will heal his wounds but lets slip the cause of them. The apothecary and his assistant quickly leap on the opportunity and blackmail him an extortionate amount of money to keep his secret. Seeing no other option he payed the cost and quickly hurried to the Rumbling Walls to meet with Himo and Alunys.

Having met up they quickly decide that they need to hide fast to attempt to escape the mage’s vengeance. They retreat to the much lower levels of the city and manage to find a tavern to stay in. The quickly find a notice board and take up a missions to clear an infested mine shaft.

Tune in next week for more D20 rolling action boyyyyyzzzzzzz.

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